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The Chaser Initiative is a non-profit dedicated to educating Children (K-12) about the power of play based learning and the importance of John W. Pilley and Chaser's legacy and how it applies to their own lives.

"All creatures can learn and if learning does not take place, we must change the methods."  John W. Pilley

the border collie

the smartest dog in the world

© 2022 Chaserthebordercollie


"This was an AMAZING program. The participants were engaged aand excited the entire time. We loved getting to learn about Chaser, Dr. Pilley, and the Chaser Initiative. Thank you for such a great program! WE cannot wait ot have the Chaser Initiative back for more!"  Spartanburg Science Center

"The kindergarten students always greatly enjoy the presentation and meeting the adorable dogs. They learn so much about being responsible pet owners and how to approach and treat animals kindly. The presentation also helps meet our science standards of animal needs." Carlisle Foster's Grove Elementary

"Great program for kids of all ages. The kids were engaged the entire time. We all learned how to care more for our dogs and other people's dogs. Kids and adults need to be reminded to ask for permission before petting dogs and other animals. Our kids absolutely loved their visit from your program." River Ridge Elementary

"This was an amazing program. My students learned so much animal behaviors. They were engaged. Hand-on activities were provided so each student could participate." Pine Street Elementary

"I loved how students were able to engage with the animals all throughout the presentation. Students eyes lit up and their curiosity was able to shine by experimenting and learning alongside the animals." Reidville Elementary 

"I loved how interactive this experience was for the kids! They were able to learn about dogs and how to best care for them/treat them. I believe we have a class full of future vets haha! 10/10 experience!"   Cleveland Academy

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